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Daiichi Sankyo Ireland Ltd.

Disclosure Policy

Daiichi Sankyo makes a great effort to thoroughly disclose the information needed so that all stakeholders, including shareholders and investors in both Japan and overseas, are aware of the current status of the group and have the materials they need to evaluate this status.

Information Disclosure Policy

Daiichi Sankyo discloses information on the basis of transparency, impartiality and continuity and in compliance with the Securities and Exchange Act and the stock exchange’s timely disclosure rules. In addition, we make every effort to disclose details in a timely and proactive manner that we consider to be informative in helping individuals to understand our Group.

Information Disclosure Method

Daiichi Sankyo makes prompt disclosures through such channels as the Timely Disclosure Network (TDnet), news releases, news conferences and briefings. We also endeavour to improve our system of providing access to all kinds of disclosed information by such methods as posting this information on our website.

In-company Information Disclosure System

Daiichi Sankyo is endeavouring to upgrade and enrich its in-company system for the rapid, accurate and impartial disclosure of information in an appropriate manner.

Disclosure of Future Prospects

In addition to submitting earnings forecasts to the Tokyo Stock Exchange, Daiichi Sankyo occasionally provides investors and stock analysts with prospect-related guidance that they can use to make their own forecasts of the company’s results.

Any statements provided in messages, meetings or question-and-answer sessions that are not historical facts should be considered forward-looking statements made on the basis of certain assumptions and judgments in light of the information currently available to us. They may, therefore, include a certain degree of risk and indeterminate factors.

Quiet Period

To prevent leaks of information and to ensure impartiality, Daiichi Sankyo has instituted, as a general rule, a quiet period that begins three weeks preceding the announcement of half-year or full-year financial results and two weeks preceding the announcement of first- or third-quarter financial results. 

During this period, we will refrain from making any public comments or responding to any questions regarding business results. If, however, during this quiet period any matter should emerge that falls under timely disclosure rules, we will comply with the rules and issue a disclosure accordingly.